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There are many pathways that lead us to our healing, our connection to our wholeness, pathways that can help us release old patterns of limiting beliefs, expand our awareness, help us grow and transform, allowing us to live happy, fulfilling lives.


My name is Maggie, and I welcome you to pathways of bliss, born from my own journey that has weaved through many traditions and esoteric practices. Its my honour to share some of these practices to support you on your journey


So come, follow the pathway that calls to you and begin a soulful journey to wholeness




'Maggie’s Kundalini classes have been deeply transformative for me. I was completely new to this type
of yoga and, from the first class, Maggie made me feel welcome, supported and safe. She creates a
judgement-free space that allows you to take your practice where you need to. Maggie beautifully
explains how to work with different energies; how certain poses and mantras can help us; and ways in
which we can take what we learn from the class into our daily life. Her wisdom, kindness and big heart
have opened up many things for me and helped me significantly along my spiritual journey.'

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