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My name is Magi and I’m a certified Shamanic healer, level 2 Reiki Practioner and certified Kundalini yoga teacher. I’m also a certified Breathwork and meditation teacher.
I offer online and in-person workshops and courses, as well as weekly classes and healing sessions. I also share my journeys, rituals and other musings for others who may wish to
travel alongside me.

My Story

My pathway has twisted and weaved itself through many spiritual practices, spurred by the need to unravel the mysteries of this vast universe we are part of. Since my teens I’ve been practising shamanism, in my 20’s I began my journey with Buddhism, a pathway that twisted and weaved through the various schools & teachings eventually leading back to shamanism, as most practices do. There have been many detours along the way, as I explored the many colours of healing I ventured into the realms of spiritual healing and mediumship, followed by training as a shamanic healer and Reiki. It was through my traumas & healing that I discovered Kundalini Yoga and after experiencing first hand the power of the practice I decided to train as a Kundalini yoga teacher.My pathways all connect at the centre, where you’ll find the expression of spirit as it ever changes & shapeshifts, raw creative energy unbound & free, the journey of the self unfolding -   pathways to bliss is the vehicle that carries my innermost journeys out into the world, in whatever form they take, so they can be shared with those who pass by.

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