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Weaving the pathways of Buddhism, shamanism and energy healing  with kundalini yoga to create a unique journey towards wholeness.

I invite you to explore these diverse pathways with me, discovering how their alchemy can bring profound happiness into your life


Kundalini yoga is also known as the yoga of awareness, it’s a form of yoga that includes postures/movement, breathwork, mantra, meditation and deep relaxation. These aspects are combined in what is called Kriyas.  Kundalini yoga is a deeply healing & transformative practice, that supports our personal growth & expands our awareness. With conscious movement & the transformation of energy, we can release what no longer serves us, raise our vibrational frequency, and attract opportunities that support reaching our full potential and living a happy, inspired & fulfilled life. There are so many benefits to practising kundalini yoga including:

Strengthens the nervous system

Balances the endocrine system

Reduces stress & anxiety

Improves cognitive function

Increased self-confidence

Emotional balance

Increased energy


Inner peace

Personal growth


This is  a great practice for those wishing to effect change in their life, shed self-imposed limitations, connect to a deeper sense of self, reach their full potential or just want to experience the fullness of being alive

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