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Celebrating Beltane

There are so many ways to celebrate Beltane and honour the blessings and gifts of nature and the passage of time. Let yourself be as creative as possible, open yourself to the energy of Beltane and allow it to lead you in the dance. But here are some suggestions to help fire up your imagination


Light a Beltane Fire 

Fire is the main feature of this fire festival with many traditions and rituals centre around it. Play music, sing, dance and play drums, release your inner wildling. If you can’t have a fire you can light a candle to symbolise the return of the Sun.


Decorate Your Space  

Use symbols of Beltane such as flowers, greenery, ribbons, and candles. If you have an altar, you can adorn it with seasonal items like fresh flowers, herbs, and crystals. If you’re outdoors make a temporary altar from nature, such as an earth mandala, be creative, and allow your intuition to guide you


Connect to Nature  

Make room in your garden for honouring the earth, by creating a garden altar, or planting a tree or flowers that have meaning to you. it can be as simple or complex as you want, from a tranquil spot where you can reconnect yourself to the flow to a full-on witchy garden growing herbs and wildflowers for teas and spells



Cleanse your space, and go around each room Smudging with incense or a smudge stick, and fan the smoke around your space and yourself. Visualise any stagnant or negative energies being released, making space for the vibrant energy of Beltane to enter



Beltane is alive with the magic of potential,  write your dreams and wishes on paper or a large leaf and release them to a running stream, surrendering and trusting them to the flow of life. Sacred wells are also honoured at Beltane and have long been seen as a place to cast your wishes with a coin. But it’s also tradition to leave gifts of gratitude and to honour the spirit of the well. If there is a tree growing close by one you may see ribbon or rags infused with prayers and wishes tied to its branches left by others. 



Take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. You can speak aloud or silently, acknowledging the abundance that surrounds you. in your own way offer thanks to the earth, the sun, and any deities or spirits you feel connected to.



above all, Beltane is a time of joy and celebration, so put on some music and dance! Allow yourself to move freely and express your inner joy. Use ribbons or streamers, and dance with them, weaving and twirling to symbolise the weaving of the Maypole and the weaving of your dreams into the fabric of life


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