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Updated: Apr 9

All pathways, spiritual or not, if aligned with truth, will lead to the place where all

pathways converge, a place of unity, oneness and self-realisation

Throughout my journeys over the years one thing I find to be true, if you dig deeper into a

belief it will either show itself to be false, unhelpful to where you are now, or show you its

shamanic roots.

Not that surprising when you consider shamanic practices are the first known spiritual

practices we are aware of and that every thing grows and evolves from a seed.

I’ve found it fascinating and enlightening looking at the roots of things. We spend so much

time being on the Earth, that we forget some of her greatest gifts lie beneath the surface. Or

we spend our time looking up, looking for lost ancestors from distant planets that we no

longer look down, find the roots here that have bound us to this planet.

But roots, made up of thousands of strands, either physical or energetically with varying

functions, each looking for that which it was born to seek, to support and nourish that which

grows above.

This very simple way of viewing life, of energy, purpose, manifestation or whatever other

experience, allows us to understand things from a wider perspective, from the bigger


It guides us, showing us what we are energetically drawing into ourselves, or holding onto


It also gives us wisdom, a knowing what seeds grow what fruits in our life, and using that

knowledge as we co- create our reality.

So, go look for some roots, dig deep into the soil, get your hands dirty, reach down into the

earth, find the life there, the worms, the creepy crawlies that like to stay away from our

world, ask of their medicine, and let them guide you to the roots of your journey

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