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What are the three worlds in a shamanic journey?

Traditionally shamans journey to 3 worlds, the lower, middle and upper worlds. These Three Worlds represent different realms or dimensions of existence and they also provide a framework to navigate and explore different aspects of reality, accessing spiritual wisdom and healing energies to support our journeys of personal and collective transformation.

The entrance to these worlds is via a portal, often seen as a tree with a hollow trunk, cave, or tunnel.


The Lower World: The Lower World is the most common world to journey to. Often associated with the subconscious, the realm of spirits, animals, and ancestral energies, it is a place of deep healing and wisdom.  It is typically underground, entered by the roots of a tree or caves.  We journey to the Lower World to connect with spirit guides, power animals, and ancestors, seeking wisdom, healing, and guidance.


Middle World: The Middle World is the world of ordinary reality, the everyday world we inhabit. It includes the physical and energetic world and the imprints of human consciousness and collective experience. We journey to the Middle World for soul retrieval and healing and to work on the more challenging aspects of our physical journey


Upper World: The Upper World is associated with the realm of higher consciousness, celestial beings, angels and divine energies. It is often entered by the branches of a tree, or mountaintop. We journey to the Upper World to commune with angels, ascended masters, and other luminous entities, seeking healing, wisdom, guidance, and inspiration.


Shamanism is perhaps the oldest belief system, evidence of its practices is found all over the world in all cultures past and present. Its roots run deep in our shared human history as well as being the foundation on which many of our current beliefs were based. Its rich and diverse practices are still weaving themselves into our collective consciousness with many Shamanic practices adapted and integrated into various contemporary spiritual and therapeutic contexts, each with different methods to induce an altered state of consciousness and different places to journey to. Whilst it is a positive sign that this beautiful earth-based spirituality is evolving and expanding it is important to honour

Practices originating from indigenous cultures and approach them with respect and sensitivity to their cultural origins.

It’s also important to remember and honour your own cultural and ancestral origins, not just out of respect for those who came before you, but also to heal ancestral trauma, conditioning and patterns for the next generation. Connecting to and honouring the soul/spirit of the land you stand upon, the place you live is also of the greatest importance a good way to do this is a garden/outdoor altar.


Shamanism is a way of life and those who follow this pathway often find their own unique way based on their understanding, experiences and cultural background and the wisdom and guidance they receive

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