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What is a Shamanic Journey?

A shamanic journey involves entering an altered state of consciousness, often facilitated by drumming, chanting, or other repetitive rhythmic sounds, and is undertaken for various purposes, including personal growth, healing physical or emotional ailments, seeking answers to life's questions, or connecting with spiritual allies for guidance and support. The experiences encountered during a shamanic journey are often deeply personal and can have profound effects on the individual's spiritual and psychological well-being.

What to expect on a guided shamanic journey

In a guided shamanic journey, you are led through a structured process designed to facilitate an altered state of consciousness and spiritual exploration. the journey will typically follow the following structure:


Preparation: The journey begins with some form of preparation, which may include setting intentions, creating a sacred space, and establishing a respectful and safe environment for the journey. If you are following a recorded guided Journey you may wish to light a candle or burn some incense. You can also hold a crystal that calls to you during your journey, allow yourself to tune in to your inner guidance and go with what feels right for you.

Once settled, using breath and visualisation, you ease into a deep relaxation.  


The Descent: Using rhythmic drumming, chanting, visualisation exercises, or other methods aimed at quieting the mind, opening participants to the spiritual realm and inducing an altered state of consciousness conducive to journeying. Once fully relaxed and open, your consciousness can travel freely to the unseen worlds of energy and spirit guides.


The Arrival: there are traditional 3 worlds – Lower, Middle and Upper. Each has its own characteristics and the intention of your journey will determine which world you travel to.  Once you have arrived you explore and interact with the environment and beings you encounter. You may meet spirit guides, power animals, ancestors, or other spiritual allies, receive messages, insights, or healing energies, or engage in symbolic activities that align with your intentions for the journey.


The Ascent: When it’s time to end the journey you are led back into full consciousness, usually by the same method used for the descent, along with vocal prompts to gradually bring awareness back to the physical body.


The Return: As soon as possible, preferably straight way, reflect and write everything you remember in your journal. Keeping a record of your experiences can lead to much deeper insights as time passes. it also helps instil a sense of deep trust in the journey as we look back and see how much of our journey supports and shows up in our daily lives. Drink Water and try to eat something small, like a cookie to help ground your energies


Closing: Take time to express and cultivate gratitude. Honour the journey in your daily life by honouring the spirit of the land and all things below, upon and above it.








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