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Shamanism is an earth-based spiritual practice. Like most pathways, its practices are diverse and culturally influenced. The key practices that bind all as one is the belief all things are spirit and the ability to alter consciousness and connect to the unseen worlds. My practice draws on the wisdom from the teachers I have had the blessings to encounter along the way, from Native American, Peru, Mexico, Celtic and the land herself. After over forty years of following this pathway, I am still exploring and learning, trusting and allowing my spirit guides and life to guide me and share the many beautiful practices of shamanism in my healing practice and workshops, often weaving them together with other complimentary pathways creating a powerful alchemy of healing and transformation check out my reflections for rituals and journeys

Shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing

I am passionate about self-empowerment and assisting others to realise and activate their self-healing abilities and my shamanic healing practice reflects this. During a shamanic healing session, you will be guided in your shamanic journey to connect to your guides, discover the medicines awaiting you for your healing, find your lost soul fragments and decide if you are ready to bring them home. Energy healing in the form of channelled healing, reiki, sat nam rasayan or totems is also part of the session. I do the journey on behalf of others when necessary but, from experience, I find that journeys are more effective when experienced first-hand. All sessions are conducted lying on the floor on a sheepskin rug. Cushions, blankets and bolsters are offered for your comfort and complete relaxation. Please note:- please advise when booking If you are vegan/vegetarian and would prefer anon animal product to lay upon. Book a free consultation here.

Shamanic Journying

From finding and connecting to your axis mundi * to journeying to the lower, middle and upper worlds to meet spirit guides and connect to your power animal. Shamanic journeyings shift our consciousness so we can travel to these realms to receive guidance, wisdom and healing. Shamanic journey meditations can be found here

Shamanic Jouneying
Shamanic Ritual

Shamanic Rituals

A ritual is an act of bringing meaning, intention and sacredness to action, from preparing and drinking a simple herbal tea to rites of passage, from simple offerings of gratitude to shapeshifting and manifestation. There is a ritual for everything and anything. Ritual brings depth, colour and magic into our lives, and help us connect to the over soul, the oneness of all things and ground's energy more about rituals go to rituals and ceremonies, or check out my offerings here.


My journey exploring the sacred feminine, connecting to the way of the wise woman, and the beautiful guides I encountered. In this sacred space, we awaken to the fullness of self, heal wounds and transform into whomever we dream ourselves to be it is a place of sharing and connecting to other women. A place of healing & empowerment to strengthen & nurture our bond as women.  Women of all ages/backgrounds are welcome please see events for details of what going on & when or read my journey here free to get in touch if you would like more info or if you would like me to facilitate your private lodge, which is ideal to honour your rites of passage with those close to you.

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